Basidiospores Scene Progress

Made some progress on the growth of basidiospores scene, I think I got the animation right now I just need to work on textures and lighting. I've also added the spore flight scene to the playblast below help establish the transition between the two scenes.

The UVs are now working correctly with the joints and blend shapes. As Alan pointed out earlier, be sure to lay out the UVs and clear the history BEFORE binding joints, otherwise the UVs will go quite mad.


Jordan Buckner said...

Looks great Leo, love the movement and music, what did you use to animate, a simple rig or blend shapes? I'm using blend shapes and hoping they will work well like this

Leo Tsang said...

Thanks Jordan, yeah I just made some quick joints and painted some skin weights for the swaying movement. Along with a simple blend shape for the growth of the head. Just be sure to layout UVs first and clear the history before binding the joints.

tutorphil said...

Hey Leo - really like the gentle swaying motion - nice and subtle.

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