First Hand Research - Ling Zhi Mushrooms

With a bit of shopping yesterday, by chance I found some Ling Zhi mushrooms at a Chinese supermarket. So of course I picked them up for a chance at some first hand research. There are quite fascinating with a solid hard shiny top, and an array of tiny holes on the underside where the spores release. Not only will it be useful as direct reference when modelling, but hopefully I can get some nice textures out of them too.

After the projects over, perhaps I'll even try cooking some... although I have little idea as to how.


Ruben Martins said...

lucky you, I wish I could find mine, but they are rarely edible mine:S I would get some and die straight away lol

Leo Tsang said...

Ha yes they are some pretty deadly mushrooms around, some that will kill instantly. So don't go eating wild mushrooms unless you know for certain which species they are!

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