Opening Scene Progress

Updating my progress with the opening scene, covering panels 1:1 and 1:2 of my storyboard. Things are taking longer than I would like, so I hope to speed things along in the coming days.

For the grass I've used a paint effect which I hope is fine as it seems to work pretty well, and that it would be a bit of a time sink to painstakingly model and animate individual models of grass. With the grass in the direct foreground, I hope to render this out separately to be able to create a focus pull transition to the mushrooms in the midground, where the background will be filled with a matte painting.

Here I've modelled a few variations of the Ling Zhi Mushroom to populate the scene.


Jon Stewart said...

Using Paint FX Grass is fine mate, don't worry about that. It's looking good, you've certainly picked up UV layouts well, nice job.

Leo Tsang said...

Thanks for the reassurance Jon, glad the UVs appear to be in order too :)

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