Opening Scene Progress #2

I've been working away at various scenes of the animation, but here is an update on the opening scene.

Quick playblast of the scene so far:

I think I'll add some more texture variation to the grass, and hopefully the background will be blend better when compositing in after effects.

Mushroom Model

My photos taken of the Ling Zhi mushroom served well in creating the textures for the mushroom. I've also painted over the textures for a more stylised aesthetic similar to my earlier concepts.

Initial Renders

Some refinement is necessary as I am yet to establish the appropriate lighting which I'm having difficulty with. The scene is set during the day, perhaps afternoon - any pointers in lighting would be greatly appreciated. But I hope this begins to achieve the slightly painterly feel reminiscent to my earlier concept pieces.

Back to the pits!


Jordan Buckner said...

Great stuff Leo, love the mushrooms on the tree and the texturing is really nice and stylised.

tutorphil said...

Hey Leo,

I really like what you've done here - it does indeed feel as if your concept paintings have come to life... regarding the lighting, I think your choice is too generic; why put it in the middle of the day, when, in narrative terms, that colour palette can only give you a generic quality; your music says 'sunrise' to me - or 'sunset' - or even twilight - think of it as some 'magic' time - when the world is transformed by the colour and the angle of the sun: you've already taken a bold step with your texturing, now take it to its logical extreme in terms of lighting; think theatrically (not filmically)... I look forward to seeing some tests, but all of this is very encouraging!

Leo Tsang said...

Thanks for the feedback Phil, yes I think your right about the lighting. I will try adjusting it to create a better theatrical quality, which I hope to emphasise further with some tweaks in after effects.

Cheers Jordan, glad you like it. Yours is coming along very nicely too :)

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