Skinning: Rigid Binding - Arm

A third method of skinning involving Rigid Binding, using lattice flexors to create a smooth falloff. Some other details can also be achieved including the flexing of the biceps and additional weight given to the elbow joint.


VerteX said...

Hi. Lower parts of shoulder is ok for me. But that shoulder is killing me :) Could you give me some tip or source about how to skin arm from shoulder to fingers ?

That photos showing my problem :)

Leo Tsang said...

Hey there, I don't think I'm the best guy to answer your problem, but generally I believe you need to distribute the skin weights more evenly across appropriate joints. So in this case with the shoulder, an adjacent joint towards the surrounding area of the chest and neck need to be bound to the shoulder to evenly bind the rig to the model. Otherwise, a lattice deformer with a flexor can be used instead to create the falloff needed for the shoulder.

VerteX said...

Actually i dont know how to use lattice deformer on my skeleton. :) I think i just have to take a course about rigging. May be There is no source on the internet about this kind of situations.

And really thanks for your answer Leo :) I'll go that course and i'll say "I want to be like victor vinyals" :) take care...

Leo Tsang said...

Sorry I couldn't be of more help, hope you find the solution for your problem :)

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