Ling Zhi Mushroom Concept #02

UPDATE: Some tweaks added after feedback.

A second concept piece of the Ling Zhi mushroom

I felt the need to create a second concept piece to better illustrate the ling zhi mushroom and its possible environment, as the previous felt a little hard to read in hindsight. While I want to maintain a dynamism in my animation, a shot like this may perhaps be necessary to establish the scene.

With a good range of concepts, I feel confident to move on with storyboarding next in order.


tutorphil said...

I'm blog-watching while I wait for the election results to come in...

and I'm pleased you've revisited this concept, because, yes, your first image was hard to read; in terms of establishing your idea, your mushroom needs to shout 'MUSHROOM' without ambiguity - I still can't quite understand the spatial relationship of the largest mushroom - it appears to float; everyone has seen mushrooms growing on the trunks of trees, so they have this obviousness that you need to capitalise on.

Jordan Buckner said...

Great work again Leo

Leo Tsang said...

Hi Phil, yes in hindsight the previous was a little too abstract in its composition. Hmm the larger mushroom in this piece is meant to be stemming from the tree in the immediate foreground which I may not have conveyed too well. I've just added some quick adjustments to try and fix this - so feel free to let me know what you think.

Cheers Jordan, your concepts are looking great too :)

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