Spore Scene Progress

This particular scene covers panels 2:5 - 2:7 of my storyboard, involving the flight of spores. As the camera pans, we follow the central spore that will begin its growth. The movement and timing is aimed to fit the pace of the music.

For the spores, I intend to have a few hair like features protruding outwards similar to my previous concepts. I believe a fur could work but I wondered if this will animate subtlety to fit with the movements? Either way, its something I need to experiment with but any suggestions would be great.


Simon Holland 74 said...

For some reason I thought I had already commented on this post, must be having a senior moment. For the hairs you can either use fur (obviously)or paint effects, modify the tubes paint effect set up the dynamics then convert to polygons change the shader to suit voila, if you need any more pointers just yell.

Leo Tsang said...

Sorry for the late reply, been trekking on with scenes I almost missed this. But thanks Simon, will definitely try this and post my progress.

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