Big Game Hunter Concept #03

Updating some of my further progress on the BGH character, refining his silhouette and some defining aspects such as his moustache.

I've tried to emphasise his skinny stature to reflect his gentlemanly, fiery character that can be well animated in his conflict with the deck chair. The moustache will also similarly react accordingly to reflect his given reaction e.g. a drooping moustache for dejection.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback and comments I received while carrying this around earlier today, I feel much more confident in the design and what is needed to take it further. Namely a stronger frame/pose to emphasis his stature, while perhaps returning to the original Pith style helmet (bottom right of heads) for a more iconic design typical of a big game hunter. The wider brim, although pleasing to the general silhouette, may detract from his iconic hunter status. I'm also favouring the bottom left rounded moustache for its more British style, while also granting the opportunity to be well manipulated.

Any more feedback is greatly appreciated while I'll concentrate on some storyboarding.


Richard V-C said...

Hey leo looking really good, im still not sure what helmet im favouring though, but liek i said earlier the grizzly sideburns look really nice but doent portray a really recognizable silhouette, so definatly go for the big swooping one, plus it will be easier to show emotion trhough it like mine :) although im thinking about getting rid :(

Leo Tsang said...

Cheers Rich, yeah I think the moustache will be fun to use in portraying his emotions. Did you mean getting rid of the moustache on your cowboy design? - How come? I thought it could work well in adding some character.

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