Re-storyboarding 'Gladiator' (Film Clip Storyboard Sequence)

Here I've re-storyboarded a small clip from the film Gladiator to better appreciate the sequence and choice in shot compositions and storyboarding. This captures roughly a minute of footage before Maximus reveals his identity to Commodus after a victorious battle in the arena.

The sequence of shots is quite complex with a series of cuts from within the same environment, yet serves wonderfully in establishing the tension and drama with the confrontation between Maximus and Commodus, including all integral characters naturally into the scene without confusion. While working with this, one can definitely appreciate the amount of time, planning and work required to bring a film sequence to this level. Its an integral process that is often taken for granted.

Made with pen, pencil and alcohol based markers, using a quick storyboard template I made in Photoshop.


tutorphil said...

Good choice, Leo - what a movie!

Leo said...

Thanks Phil, I really enjoyed the film back in the day. Guess now I have an excuse to watch it again :)

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