Story Ideas #4

Having gone through a number of ideas, I'm starting to settle and embrace the simplest one which I've come to realise, will be far more easily readable while still maintaining its potential for comedy and depth. The execution will be key in delivering this straightforward concept well. So the story in a nutshell:
The Big Game Hunter is on vacation at the beach and has just finished building a sand castle. He wants to relax so tries to deploy a deck chair with some unexpected difficulty. What ensues is a montage of failed attempts to deploy the deck chair before he is finally consumed with absolute rage and shoots the deck chair in complete and utter frustration. The deck chair, however, finally deploys from the shot to the BGH's joy and disbelief. Relieved, he goes to sit on the deck chair only for it to collapse under the weight of him. With a thud to the ground, his sand castle too collapses to further rub in his utter failure and defeat against a simple deck chair.

To further establish the character of the big game hunter, his very beach equipment will reflect his role such as a bear skin for a beach mat and perhaps a type of bird species used as a beach umbrella. A quick shot of a photo showing one of BGH previous successful hunts could also be shown at the very beginning in act 1 to establish the context and some backstory to his character i.e. having achieved great success in hunting he comes to relax on vacation at the beach. Following the typical proud and gentlemanly stature as well as these extra details, I hope to capture the spirit of the BGH, which will only heighten the contrast (and his frustration) at being thwarted by a deck chair.

The rifle that BGH uses to shoot will be a type of blunderbuss musket rifle, the type with a large trumpet type nozzle for comedic effect.

I hope this type of story is the right direction forward.


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