Short & Sweet #7

Short and Sweet is back! Screening a variety of short films, both old and new from established and emerging directors, every Monday evening in London at Café 1001. Its a great place for inspiration especially now that we are starting our first animated projects.

A funny, quirky selection of films tonight that may inspire some ideas with our random objects. Managed to find a few for your viewing pleasure.

Pudding Bowl by Vanessa Caswill

The charming tale of a young girl's imagination triumphing over the injustices of childhood.

Pop Art by Amanda Boyle

A film about the friendship between 12-year-old Toby, who is trying to make sense of life and Arthur, who just happens to be inflatable... Hilarious and touching stuff at the same time.

The Tale of How by Black Heart Gang

A strange yet lovely animated short story told with a captivating opera song.

Train Town by Keith Bearden
Part 1

Part 2

When two middle-aged men open a model train store, they discover they have very different plans for creating the shop's idyllic miniature town. Hilarity ensues.


Short & Sweet


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