Initial Storyboard

Here I have developed an initial storyboard for my 1 minute story featuring a Big Game Hunter, Deck Chair and Castle, helping to visualise the type of structure and imagery I have in mind. If it serves well, one should be able to read the storyboard and gather the basic premise of the story. But just in case, I've included a brief description to shed light on any confusion that might occur.

Act 1 opens with an extreme of close-up of the sand castle, zooming out to show BGH standing tall and proud admiring his handiwork of a colonial fashion sand castle. Act 2 shortly begins as BGH begins to attempt to deploy a deck chair.

Using a series of cuts in quick succession, this will help illustrate BGH vain attempts at deploying the deck chair in a comical fashion. His proud, composed nature notably deteriorates into an extreme fiery temper. Throwing the deck chair in the air in a frenzy, he grasps his gun and takes several shots at the deck chair filling the scene in smoke.

As the smoke clears, BGH smirks in triumphant as the deck chair reveals itself amazingly deployed. Act 3 concludes as BGH tries to recompose himself, sits down on the deck chair with a pause, only for it to collapse under the weight of him landing with a great thud, which causes his pride and joy of his sand castle to similarly collapse in total and utter defeat.

Its by no means final, as I intend to refine and develop the storyboard further as things will most likely develop. Feedback and thoughts is most appreciated as always.


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