Big Game Hunter Concepts #02

Here are some sketches I've tried to capture the spirit of the BGH in a more stylised, exaggerated manner. With a more standard yet slightly exaggerated version on the left, and far more stylised 'toonish' adaptations towards the right.

Proud, pompous and well experienced in his art, yet ultimately ready to be ridiculed.

As of yet, I am favouring the bottom right most design as it captures the spirit of the BGH with a more distinctive and readible silhouette. Yet, I am keen to hear your thoughts and feedback as to which design is more headed in the right direction.


Ruben Alexandre said...

this character reminded me somehow something I watched when I was small on Nickelodeon.

Leo said...

Ha that show brings back some memories :) Its the nose that does it I think. I thought it be a good feature to emphasise as well as the moustache to capture the typical pompous gentlemanly nature of the big game hunter.

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