La Jetée

La Jetée (1962) is a fascinating film with a deeply captivating story of post nuclear war experiment in time travel, on a man marked by an image of his childhood. I remember seeing it last year, and I still love it for its mind-boggling concept and presentation.

La Jetée draws you in into its world shown as a series of images and mysterious narration. The framing and choice of shots in masterful in that continues to drive the same evocative emotions as with moving images. Brimming with atmosphere, the film is cast with a distinct unsettling tone with a range of peculiar and unsettling images one would only conjure as a child of a mad scientist with goggled eyes, as well as the constant drumming of the heart beat driving the tension. Its all quite simply brilliant that stands the test of time as one of the best film narratives to this day.

The very same concept of La Jetée served as the inspiration for the film Twelve Monkeys, which certainly draws heavily from the same story. A good film, that is certainly worth a look if you were inspired by the story of La Jetée.


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