Animatic - Cantankerous Fridge

Initial animatic of the story

Some areas need a little refining such as the conflict between snowman and fridge, as well as giving much more movement into the refrigerator as he still feels a little static at this moment - though I am confident these can be resolved. Most importantly, the structure and pacing seems intact which will hopefully give the desired effect on an audience.


J.J. said...

Can't wait to see yout animation :) Looks promising

Leo said...

Thanks Jolanta, just have to draw each and every frame now lol. Hows yours coming along?

tutorphil said...

Hey Leo - I must have missed this post :-( Anyway, all is looking very resolved, though I think you may need to put the window back in for the 'glaring sun' shot - so that the sun is viewed through the window from the inside of the kitchen - or at least to begin with - as again, there's a spatial dislocation that happens at this point; the way you've resolved the opening set up - with just the window floating is perfect; this feedback may come too late as by the sounds of things you are well into production; your own reflections are accurate - you just need to ensure more kineticism in the conflict sequence - and don't be afraid of exaggeration; for instance, the fridge's 'schadenfreude' at the demise of the snowman could go much bigger in terms of communicating its thinking... more generally, it looks as if you've got yourself nice and organised, and I look forward to crit day.

Incidentally - what thoughts have you given to music and sound effects? It does feel as if there should be some accompaniment? Something to convey the snowman's urgency as a music cue?

Consider - for inspiration:

Leo said...

Hi Phil, thanks for the feedback. I'll try adding that second window inside the kitchen to help resolve the spatial dislocation. With the animation so far, I think I've managed to add the needed dynamism in the conflict between fridge and snowman, exaggerating movements that will hopefully turn out well.

With music, I'll certainly consider some faster tempo of tracks such as Flight of the Bumblebee, although I've initially looked at a range of soft slow instrumentals that add some weight to the emotion of the story - though I am yet to find a track that suitably changes pace to fit the conflict sequences. Either way, I think the use of sound effects will serve well, perhaps having the sound of a door closing to signal the transition to the inside of the kitchen.

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