Meet Meline - Short Film

Just discovered this very inspiring short film made by two individuals Sebastien Laban & Virginie Goyons, made purely for passion. It certainly got me going, so maybe it will for you too. The visuals and attention to details are amazing where the animation itself with all the subtle movements and nuances really make for a believable lifelike performance.

“Meet Meline tells the story of a little girl whose curiosity is sparked by a mysterious creature as she plays in her grandparents’ barn.”

MEET MELINE : THE 3D ANIMATED SHORT FILM (by Sebastien Laban & Virginie Goyons)

There's a great 'making-of' video as well that illustrates each stage of production with clarity, much of which we will tackle right now for this project. From the screencaptures, it seems the majority of the animation was made in Maya, where some great examples of Previs are shown, along with a glimpse into the actual animation process beginning with linear keyframes. Its an inspiring example of the hard work and dedication necessary into bringing such a project to life.

MEET MELINE : THE MAKING OF (Sebastien Laban and Virginie Goyons)



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