Fantastic Voyage (1966)

Fantastic Voyage (1966) presents a journey into the human body as a crew are shrunk to microscopic size to save the life of a key scientist. Inevitably, things don't go quite as planned as the crew are faced with dangers and complications inside the mystery of the human body.

Its a classic plot that is marred by pacing issues throughout, taking a while to get started as the miniaturisation process is meticulously portrayed step by step. A predictable turn of events and some poor dialogue do not help the overall experience either.

Despite this, the main attraction is the visuals once inside the body. There were some captivating moments with colour and light particularly with the oxygenation of cells, and the area of the brain tried to reflect an intriguing array of intertwining connections with pulsing lights. Although, I felt some other areas of the body could be pushed more on a conceptual level, and perhaps more generally it just needed to show more, with all bodily functions, cells and even organs.

Intriguingly enough, James Cameron is said to produce a remake of this film as one can certainly see its potential to produce some glorious visuals. An article even goes as far to suggest all the benefits such a remake could achieve from storytelling, characters and visuals. More can be read here.

Overall, while the story is forgettable, it is the very idea of delving into the sights and wonders of the human body that is the sole defining point of the film, which will likely continue to fascinate audiences alike.


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