Animatic with Sound

Whew, got all the drawings done, scanned them in and now well into the process of putting it altogether. With regards to music, my initial thoughts of a slow paced track was not quite cutting it, so I've settled on a faster paced track which I think works well in driving the tension before the finale.

Here is a second version of my animatic to experiment with sound, it also includes the brief opening frames of my animation as I've still working on it.

With some finer tweaks as well as more sound effects should help round out the sound as a whole. Eager to hear your thoughts.


Richard V-C said...

Hey Leo, glad to hear you have got them all, im still taking part in my marathon, the sound is good and the opening snipet of aniamtion looks amazing already. One thing, the sound at times sounds out of place but im sure thats just the animatic.

Leo Tsang said...

Thanks Rich, yeah I hope to make those adjustments to the sound once I've got the animation together. Keep on trekking with the marathon, can't wait to see the spinning top in action :)

tutorphil said...

Morning Leo,

I think the music is working well - there are moments where greater synch between the soundtrack and the action would further cement the storytelling - but of course there are limits to what an animatic can convey, so I'm assuming the animation proper will resolve this; more generally, this is shaping up well - and the urgency that the soundtrack generates is effective too.

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