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While working on the many drawings of my animation (about half way), I've been listing to The Animation Podcast by Clay Kaytis, an animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios. The podcast dates back to 2005 featuring interviews with some of the great animating legends such as Andreas Deja and Burny Mattinson. Not only is it most insightful, but it is simply fascinating and a joy to listen to hearing all their wonderful stories in experiences in the world of animation.

One show features stop motion animator Ray Harryhausen, where he talks about his introduction to stop motion animation and his works such as Jason and the Argonauts with the famous skeleton battle. Another even features a recorded lecture from Milt Kahl, one of Disney's very own nine old men!

For those interested more in the CG side of things, Eamonn Butler, animation supervisor on 'Chicken Little' and 'Reign of Fire', explores his experiences in the industry and the important relation between 2d animation and 3d animation.

Overall, its a fantastic podcast and one well worth listening too. Updates tend to be a bit on the slow side but the great archive of previous shows are more than brilliant - I recommend starting from the beginning show and moving on from there. You can listen to them all on their main site:

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What better way to get inspired than with the wisdom of some great animation legends talking soothingly in the background... enjoy!


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