Unit 6 - Commission

The final project for the first year is a simulated commission project requiring us to produce a complete CG animation of a maximum of 2 minutes. Of course, this includes all the pre-production, production and post-production processes that we are more than familiar with, as well as an added task of proposing a pitch to our client. Not forgetting the fact that our chosen target audience will also affect the design and presentation of the animation e.g. aimed at a primary school curriculum may sport a more cartoon stylised aesthetic.

Our client, Dr. Peter Klappa, has requested one of 4 possible scenarios concerning the biological world of cellular development, or part of the development cycle of either a slime mould, mushroom fungi or ferns.

I am yet to make a decision on which scenario I will pursue, but I hope to make an informed decision soon enough with some more research.

Its an exciting project as much as it is daunting, where one must certainly keep on top of things throughout to succeed. Here's hoping the last 5 weeks will be a good one.


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