Storyboard Mushroom #01

I would have liked to have got this up a lot sooner, but I guess I've underestimated a few things and fallen victim to some dreaded procrastination. Despite this little setback, one must keep their spirits up and persevere onwards!

The storyboard encompasses the whole cycle beginning with the mushroom, growth and release of basidiospores, the germination of the spore as shown through mycelium, and ending with the sprouting of a new mushroom. Ideally, I've tried to focus on a level that cannot be seen by the human eye to further utilise the effective use of CG, being necessary to visually illustrate such remote worlds.

Some sketches of workings outs. Storyboarding really is one of those processes where you just have get things on a page to start resolving anything of significance.

An animatic should be coming shortly to further resolve timings and transitions.


Richard V-C said...

Looking nice Leo, i like your style of painting very much and it works well for this otherwordly experience, it reminds me of your unit 02.

Leo Tsang said...

Thanks Rich, I tried to keep things loose so as to not get bogged down with details at this stage. Was afraid it may look a little too rough, so I'm relieved you receive it well :)

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