Initial Object Research

To begin with, I felt it would do some good in identifying some key basic principles of the objects first before expanding them into more refined ideas. As such, I've been researching more into my objects, gathering references and the like.

Big Game Hunter
A big-game hunter is a person engaged in hunting for large animals for trophies or game. The pursuit of the major objective might place the hunter at risk of personal harm. Potential big-game sought include, but are not limited to, bears, big cats, boars, elephants, buffalo, kudu, antelope, rhinoceros, hartebeest, moose, elk, and deer. Big game hunters hunt in places such as Argentina, New Zealand, British Columbia, Montana, Ethiopia, Zambia, many parts of the USA and other parts of Africa. The weapons they use include, but are not limited to, rifles, shotguns, crossbows, bow and arrows and some types of handguns.

Deck Chair
A deckchair is a folding chair, usually with a frame of treated wood or artificial material (for protection against the weather) and a fabric or vinyl backrest and seat. It may have an extended seat, meant to be used as a leg rest, whose height may be adjustable. It may also have arm rests.

It is meant for leisure, originally on a big cruise ship's deck, which explains the origin of its name. It is easily transportable and stackable. The classic deckchair can only be locked in one position. Later, the strips of wood going toward the back were lengthened and equipped with supports so that there were several possible sitting positions. A removable footrest can also add to the comfort of the user.

"Castle" is derived from the Latin word castellum. This is a diminutive of the word castrum, which means "fortified place".

With more ideas and development I will most likely refer to some more reference material at a later point. Until then, I intend to start with getting some ideas down on paper and trying to bring all these objects together into a single direction that will remain captivating in a narrative.


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