Richard Hammond's Invisible Worlds

Richard Hammond's BBC documentary 'Invisible Worlds' presents some great examples of scientific programmes zooming in at a microscopic level. Its truly fascinating to see what the world can be like at such a small scale, almost as if its from another time and space entirely.

Here, they are able to inscribe letters on the mere width of a strand of hair.

The world's fastest organism also provides intriguing spore like visuals that are quite captivating.

In this final video, the use of sound, although abstract, certainly sets the tone and mood alluding to the fascinating space and visuals which we cannot see.

While these examples are intended for an older audience with a documentary style and aesthetic with narrative voice over, there is certainly inspiration to be found in the visuals and use of audio providing a mature presentation that remains dynamic and creatively engaging.


Jack Stevenson said...

wow thats very cool, I saw the spore one yesterday also. I love that milk one also and how its made out it was all filmed in his cup lol!

Tom Beg said...

Grrrrrr. why does the the mere presence of Richard Hammond annoy me so?

J.J. said...

some mind-blowing videos here Leo..

Leo said...

Ah Hammond isn't so bad, though I admit he has been popping up a bit too often. The Wipeout show is just awful, he only gives a voice over in the comfort of a studio :/

Glad the videos could inspire :)

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