Cantankerous Research

Here I've tried to find examples of the cantankerous for further research and reference.

Hugh Laurie's character, House, is a prime example of a cantankerous man. He saves lives - but most genuinely find him particularly difficult to work with.

Here's a clip of a typical dialogue exchange with his character, in the form of his auditioning.

Carl Fredricksen from Pixar's Up also begins as a cantankerous character in the early stages of the film.

Carl's first encounter with Russell is also a prime example (youtube won't let me embed).

A random cantankerous puppet

Another cantankerous example, yet with some strong language so be warned!

A scene from Spongebob with a weird cantankerous character. Stop watching after 0:45 secs as it gets pretty random after that.


Jon Stewart said...

I saw a picture of Hugh Laurie and just had to say I love House! :P But more so ,Spongebob is certainly my guilty pleasure! Just thought i'd say. :D

Sam Hayes said...

It's not Lupus

Jon Stewart said...

It's never lupus.

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