Cantankerous Walk Cycle

A walk cycle with the tone/mood of our story element, so in this case, a 'Cantankerous' walk cycle.

I tried to emphasise his movements with a stomping motion, wider swinging arms and a hunch. With more inbetween frames and perhaps not so straight edges in the legs, would help smooth the animation as a whole.


AFlockOfPixels said...

I like this walk cycle. Mine came out too similar to the generic walk cycle.

tutorphil said...

Hey Leo - your character definitely stomps... yours is the first walk-cycle I've seen that manages to 'act'... animation is pretty amazing, isn't it? All those drawings, and suddenly there's an emotion! Alchemy!

Leo Tsang said...

Thanks Phil, I'm really enjoying animating on paper. Once you get over initial inhibitions its a greatly rewarding process. I just hope my main animation goes as smoothly.

Cheers Ethan, I liked how you applied your quality of the aristocratic to your lamp!

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