Walt Disney 1901 - 1966

Steamboat Willie (1928)
The first original Disney animation to be produced. It was particularly renown to be the first animation to successful synchronise sound within the animation.

Fantasia (1940)
Disney's Fantasia featured visual animation as an interpretation to classical music, establishing much of the whimsical fantasy that Disney is often associated with. Such as the scene of the dancing mushrooms, bringing inanimate objects to life full of charm and character. It was also featured in full colour.

Night on Bald Mountain Part 1 (1940)
Features a fantastic interpretation of evil, set in a little village at the foot of a mountain.

The art for this quite amazing being particularly dark and unsettling that is often not recognised of Disney.

Mickey The Sorcerer's Apprentice (1940)
Perhaps most renown of Disney's Fantasia, is Mickey as the Sorcerer's Apprentice. The style of animation in full colour with squash and stretch, anticipation and timing is most iconic of Disney, as Mickey is most recognisable as he is today capturing most of his characteristics.


tutorphil said...

I think more aspiring CG artists need to take a leaf out of the 'Bald Mountain' book - a muscular, theatrical approach to lighting and dynamic colour management; too many cg artists assume 'photo-realism' is the holy grail, but I'd argue that style is king!

Simon Holland 74 said...

Check out, this months 3d world... they have an interesting article on colour theory, it has a break down of Sleeping Beauty in regards to colour language and emotional context.
Using a similiar system to program Thumber( threewordtitle.com/thumber) they boiled down each 10 sec interval into a single predominant hue. Look for comparisions between hue and narrative/ emotion and voila. it got me thinking if this was part of a universal Disney language that arced across this period.

Leo Tsang said...

Cheers for the heads up Simon, will be sure to check it out.

And Phil I pretty much agree, hyper realism has its place but some imaginative style can be much more refreshing. A random example (and one I probably be flamed for), but I feel 'Super Mario Galaxy' is in ways a much greater achievement than the likes of say 'Modern Warfare' for its creative and innovative direction... the two are quite different but they are part of the same industry.

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