Hand Drawn Bouncing Balls Animations

Some hand drawn bouncing balls to practice animation techniques. Here the challenge was to convey a convincing movement that the reflected the respectful ball material. So a Rubber ball with squash and stretch, a Ping Pong ball that is light and bouncy, to a Bowling ball that carries weight with no bounce.

I think the Ping Pong ball works best.


T said...

i know you know this but im going to say it anyway - which is that the bowling ball speeds up after it lands! :)

Leo Tsang said...

Shhh! lol
Yeah I realised that once I put it together, though it could happen once it gathers momentum after the initial impact... right? Albeit a bit fast in mine.

meg said...

Hey Leo!
Yes the bowling ball does go a bit too fast, and probably considering its weight it would take longer to come to a stop, also more gradually than yours.The ping pong one works well. Welldone!
Leo, could you put a post up on your blog, or let everyone know to bring in their character design and storyboard on paper, so they can be pinned/taped up on the wall, and we start the fri sessions with a class discussion of everyones story ideas. (please let both groups know). Thanks, Meg

Leo Tsang said...

Ah my apologise that I missed this comment earlier Meg. I feel like I let you down! :(
Thanks for the feedback on the bouncing balls, I had fun doing it. And yes your right with the bowling ball I think a few extra frames would help in slowing the ball down.

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