Refrigerator Concepts #01

Some sketches exploring the ways to bring my object of the refrigerator alive.

The 1950s aesthetic certainly brings some charm to the refrigerator, while I've also experimented in bringing some life into the character with some reactions. Although, I am slightly concerned whether this design feels a little too cute for a cantankerous character. The little character found in some of the sketches is a story element I'm considering for the main object of the refrigerator to play off with.

While exploring some different shapes and designs, another interpretation involves subtly suggesting a face with the arrangement of drawers and handles. Additionally, with the story component of cantankerous, perhaps a square and more menacing demeanour would work well in capturing the element of the cantankerous, despite it feeling a little less aesthetically appealing.

Thoughts and feedback welcome.


tutorphil said...

Hi Leo - you're right to be cautious about the cute factor - but, the drawing immediately above in the top right cuts the cute with a bit of decrepitude - and it's beginning to work. I think you need to think of your fridge as a bit like Carl from Up...

Leo Tsang said...

I see, will definitely try to push this further. Carl is certainly cantankerous to begin with, and rightfully so! Thanks for the feedback Phil :)

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