Hand Drawn Walk Cycle

First attempt at a hand drawn walk cycle animation. Its not perfect, but I am quite pleased with the results coming out better than I excepted, as well as making a small but essential step in understanding the practices of animation.

Initially, it was quite tricky to get started, as you don't realise how many motions are actually involved when walking, it starts to become a fairly complex process when translating this to paper. Even then, this is just a basic walk cycle, where tone and mood would affect the walk cycle quite substantially adding another layer of thought and consideration to the entire process.


tutorphil said...

well done, Leo - animation is one of those arts where 'thinking' almost obscures the job - it' only through doing/trying/trying again that the 'magic' happens... it's great that you just 'got on with it'... hope others follow your example!

Jackie said...

He is certainly striding along purposefully! Well done!

Leo Tsang said...

Thanks :) walking back and forwards in the base room certainly wasn't for nothing!

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