Pixar's Up - The Many Endings Of Muntz

As recommended by Richard, I just watched this fascinating snippet into the making of Pixar's Up, which talks about the resolution of Muntz, where several alternative endings felt as if Muntz's character stole the story/limelight from Carl making for an unsatisfying end. In the end, they essentially shaped Muntz story to support that of Carls' as the hierarchy of storytelling determines your main character's needs as central, and everything else must support this.

I found it particularly intriguing as it resembles a similar concern in my story for this project, where the initial ending of the snowman's demise perhaps stole the highlight of the story away from the central refrigerator. Now that the cantankerous refrigerator also meets a similar demise, this begins to focus the story on the main object of the fridge. Essentially, I have to be sure that the snowman's story supports the refrigerator's needs and not overpower it, as perhaps ultimately it is the Cantankerous Refrigerator's story.


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