Self Object Morph Animation

An experimental hand drawn animation using symbolic objects from the letters of our name. So, as follows:

L for 'Lightbulb'
E for 'Easel'
for 'Orange'...

I also made it loop with only three objects. Hope you like!

It was good to do this to not only learn from mistakes, but to gain confidence when committing to our full hand drawn animation. Consisting of around 35 individual frames, one quickly develops an appreciation for hand drawn animation in the time and dedication it demands, where the results are (hopefully) surely worth it.


tutorphil said...

Cute! :-)

Bharathi Anthonysamy said...

Looping it was a nice idea, I also like the way the orange unpeels, oh and the fact that you added dots to it, that must of taken a while for each frame.

Ruben Martins said...

Hi Leo sorry to bother you,
could you tell me what workshop do we have for next week in animation, I know we did some bouncing balls. but it is anything else or just that.

Leo Tsang said...

Ah yes sorry Ruben, was meaning to get back to you earlier. I just made a comment on your latest post detailing the things we did. But yes just the bouncing balls, and next week have your story, character, storyboard in mind to work with on the next workshop.

Cheers Bharathi, yes I was thinking of leaving the dots out but I think it made all the difference in the end :)

Yolantele said...

Looks really smart Leo :) The well matched loop works best here. Nice done!

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