Norman Mclaren 1914 - 1987

Canadian animator Norman Mclaren 1914 - 1987, is a great example of early experimental types of animation.

Lines Horizontals (1962)
Mclaren creates the illusion of movement and speed quite spectacularly with the mere use of horizontal lines.

Le Merle (The Blackbird) 1958
A funny surreal cartoon style animation by Norman McLaren and Evelyn Lambert, in response to a Canadian verse.

Pas de deux (1968)
As two ballet dancers perform, Mclaren adds surreal multi and after-image layering effect for a truly wonderful unique visual effect. Individually, they celebrate the beauty of the human form with strong repeated poses, only to further create interesting abstract forms and movements and these layers begin to overlap.

An extract from 'Canon', here is a another example of Mclauren and his multi, after-image effect with a comical spin - 1964.


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