Story Ideas - Cantankerous Refrigerator

I've been thinking over a number of story ideas with the prescribed story elements of a cantankerous refrigerator . From a stubborn fridge refusing to open and reveal its contents to its owner, a fussy fridge nit-picking and removing unwanted food contents against its owner's whim, to perhaps competing fridges at a showroom/garage sale or with the fear of impending replacement. Either way, although each story may suffice individually, I wasn't quite satisfied with the ideas feeling perhaps a little too obvious.

As such thinking outside the box (or 'fridge' so to say), a new idea I'm thinking of features a Snowman desperately wanting to get inside the refrigerator before the racing sun rises up. However, our cantankerous fridge thinks otherwise to the snowman's plight and profoundly refuses with a struggle between the two, finally ending to the snowman's tragic yet ultimate demise as the sun reaches its peak.

Its a simple, straightforward plot that takes the well known charming idea of preserving a snowball/snowman in a fridge, with a different spin that is hopefully much more appealing.

Will try to get a storyboard going and some character designs soon enough. Though am intrigued to hear what you think.


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