Halloween (1978)

A merciless thriller of a psychopathic killer haunting the night - the original 1978 'Halloween' is a chilling timeless classic of the horror genre.

The opening scene of 6 year old Michael Myers first act of murder was brilliant being framed in a first person perspective, with a constant heavy breathing and soundtrack that successfully conjured a great sense of tension, suspense and horror for what is to come. And yet, the twist at the end of the scene is completely unexpected and chilling to core as we learn in disbelief that just a small boy is the one to have committed this terrible atrocity.

With the ambiguous nature of Michael Myers being constant throughout the film, this undoubtedly becomes one of the most terrifying factors as he exists an entity unlike our own that we can neither understand or relate to. His actions or intentions are never explained as he moves as sinister and unrelenting force to behold. This is further emphasised with the framing in composition, where Myers would lurk in the foreground or background often amidst the shadows, ever present and watching. Empire reviews deem the use of framing 'masterful' and 'chill-inducing' with Michael Myers concealed in the shadows.

The audio soundtrack certainly worked wonders in ramping up the drama and tension, with seemingly normal activities become full of suspense as the audio cue comes in to remind us of the ever looming presence of Myers. His heavy breathing makes us aware of his presence even when absent from screen, and ultimately reveals that he continues to live on despite his injuries after the climatic finale, maintaining the horror even to the very end.

Overall, I admit I'm not the biggest fan of horror movies but this is surely something exceptional in creating the timeless classic of an unrelenting homicidal killer of the most horrific kind. Yes they are some laughable scenes in light of modern times, but beyond this is a 'perfect understanding of the mechanics of classical suspense' - Chicago Reader. A must see, especially for horror fanatics.


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