Reference Imagery #1

To help gather ideas down, I researched into a wide number of different resource and reference images for inspiration. The main goal is to create an environment influenced by the conceptual ideas of the tableux vivant and the uncanny, thus I have begun to look at a range of environments both interior and exterior particularly with communal public areas such as towns, transports and prisons where the absence of people can bestow grant an unhomely effect. With the right lighting, framing and composition, I believe some of these could work really well for a dramatic effect.

European Street
Creating a street or town devoid of any public life could be unsettling similar to that of Steffi Klenz.

Underground train
Devoid and empty, public transports such as trains can be pretty creepy when they continue to run uncompromising on schedule even without passengers.

A naturally unsettling environment being a place of sin.


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