Week-end en Foret - CG Animation short

Thinking about the uncanny reminded me of a CG animation short I watched a few weeks back at Short & Sweet. 'Week-end en Foret' by Xavier Zahra, the animation is filled with typical horror and uncanny references but with a light-hearted twist, with the personification of a haunted mansion reminiscent to The Haunting. Its a little creepy with some explicit violence, while also containing some scenes of CG nudity... so it may not be to everyone's liking.

Other than that, its brilliantly animated and well worth a watch if you can stomach it - a real mix of horror and dark comedy.

Feel free to let me know what you think, I'm intrigued to hear others reactions to this short.


godwino said...

just knowing that i left a comment is more then enough to know what i thought of the animation!
the thing is. it reminds me of the haunting!.. the most uncanny thing when we was all young was, we always thought "something" or "someone" is living in our house, and i know it always made me scared but having the house as a killer is unfair there is no where to run!

Leo Tsang said...

I agree, I found it quite disturbing first time seeing it, though I love the twists in some cliche moments of jewellery down the sink and the mirror. Has the haunting setting written all over it!

tutorphil said...

The opening is a pastiche of the amazing opening shots of The Shining, plus the flood of blood - also a steal from the elevator scene from the same film; shades of Evil Dead too - all in all, rather amusing and clearly made by people who know their genre! I sort of 18 Cert 'Monster House'...

Excalibur said...

Thanks for your nice comments,

It's funny because we didn't even use the Haunting as a reference.

We saw the trailer of Monster House while we were doing the movie. We had shots that we removed because it was too much like monter house.


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