Steffi Klenz

Some more artist research with Steffi Klenz, as recommended by tutor Phil. Some great stuff well worth looking at.

In the series 'La Posa', meaning both house and home, Klenz explores the idea of the house as an architectural and visual metaphor, with the idea of home as a place of identity, a point of origin and return. Yet, Klenz turns this inside out presenting the familar space of the home changed and disturbed. The bare walls offer no emotion, the physicality of the walls talk about the space as the exterior, twisting the fact that it is actually the interior. Devoid, barren with blocked windows and doors with looming shadows refer to an impossibility of entering the house, with no sign of life further suggesting foreboding and grim tone uncharacteristic of the home.

Additionally, Klenz photographic series 'Nonsuch' presents an uncanny feel to a town becoming seemingly abandoned, devoid of people, litter and any personal details of discernible emotion. Reduced to its neutral state, it becomes almost a perfect backdrop for stage sets. As such, a sense of cleanliness and order dominate each piece hyperbolising the sense of perfection that is built into the space.

The framing and composition in each piece is a definitive part of Klenz work, leaving little personal or emotional information to play on that effectively creating an eerie 'unh
eimlich' feel to them due to their ambiguous nature.

You can find more of Steffi Klenz work here.


Jackie said...

Hi Leo, I don't think it's exactly what you are looking at, but I have posted some photos on my blog of a deserted Strood that might be useful for your reference!

Leo said...

Thanks Jackie, I will go take a peek. Will clarify the ideas I have with reference images, sketches and the like soon enough.

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