Short & Sweet #6

Yesterday, I soldiered on to Short & Sweet for the last time this year. Another fantastic collection of strange and wonderful films was on show, this night being one of the busiest. Here are some key films I was able to find for your viewing pleasure.

GPS by Sam Bryant

Set fourth and achieve your dream, in this case - one's man dream to become the voice of a GPS navigator. Simply brilliant.

Ce Que Je Suis by Joris Clerte

A great little animation to a music video, lovely song.

Shadows & Dust by Jon Dunleavy

CG Animation short of a child discovering the secrets of the tooth farie, a scary adventure follows.

Tube Poker by Simon Levene
Part 1

Part 2

A new phenomenon of poker, known as 'Tube Poker'. Hilarious, you will never think of the tube quite the same way again.

There was plenty more great films shown last night so feel free to search yourself with the scanned in handout I've uploaded. That will be all from Short & Sweet this year, returning in February 2010. So if you've been interested so far then talk to me before then if you'd like to see it for yourself sometime. I heartily recommend it for when we start our own animation projects, and simply for a good night out both fun and constructive.


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