Thumbnail Concepts

Having looked at a range of ideas with reference imagery, I have started to take these to paper experimenting with some thumbnail composition ideas. Perhaps a bit rough and sketchy, these are some of the basic ideas in my head I've begun to delve in. I will most likely continue to experiment with these taking them further conceptually, and into digital realms as concept paintings to resolve their designs.

The idea of the carnival is growing on me, although I need to further experiment in compositions to best present this. Being aware that this will be my first self directed scene in Maya, I just hope I have ability to take this concept on without being too ambitious that I may lack the execution. I guess much trial and experimentation is necessary to ensure I am able to do this.

Any thoughts most welcome.


tutorphil said...

Hi Leo,

Lots of thumbnails - excellent. Yes, I think the carnival has an additional dimension to it, in terms of 'unheimlich' - in so much as a paragon of fun and innocence slides into its opposite as soon as the crowds go home; for a wonderful vision of the 'dark carnival' (it's a sort of literary tradition), check out the 1983 film version of the Ray Bradbury story 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' - directed by Jack Clayton (who also did the movie 'The Innocents' - another great ghost story film with 'uncanny' children - a recommended watch).

Trailer for 'Something Wicked...' below

Trailer for The Innocents below

Also - check out the following link - you may have watched it already, but I predict a new blogging trend for CG Arts students - Broadcast!!!

Leo said...

Thanks for the info Phil, will look into them :)

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