Carnival Concept #2

To further resolve my idea, I've continued to experiment with another concept piece.

Initial block in composition

Added details and adjustments

I wasn't quite liking the central object, so tried some more tweaks and refinements in general.

Redone the central object, with adjustments in composition

Refinements + details, lighting

With a seemingly normal carnival scene, several aspects were intended to offset the scene; being devoid of life, looming ferris wheel, dark space of an uninviting tent, a mirror distorting its surroundings and colourful lights against the dark oppressive night. Although despite my efforts, I don't think the piece is quite where I want it to be as it stands. The framing and composition is a little static, where there is a lack of a definitive objects to offset the typical carnival scene. The lighting of the many coloured bulbs may give the impression of being too friendly and less that of abandonment. Although I still think it is possible to avoid this if presented in the right way, perhaps a different time of day of dawn or sunset could also be an opportunity to lend a more abandoned feel to the carnival where no lights would be on.

From this, I think another piece with a more dramatic contrast of light and dark, a better dynamic shot with a more selective range of information, would help solve some of my concerns raised with this piece. Any thoughts or feedback is most appreciated.


tutorphil said...

really like this composition too - and it's snowing in Leo-Land! :-)

Unknown said...

wow, i always love your work. I love the dramatic look of this one, the way the ferris wheel is just sitting behind that tent.

When you start you maya if it is over the christmas break, if you get stuck and you cant find help let me know.

have a great christmas, see you when we are back!

tutorphil said...

Actually - regarding the lightbulbs, if you were to lose a few of them - like cavities in a smile - that would bring down the jolly quotient - but also, if you were to make the bulb colours in the blue/green/purple register, I think a suitably 'queasy' effect could be created?

Alan Postings said...

Hi All,

Go onto MyUCA and check out the class files that would have been for today – Its Merry Christmas fun with Fur!!! Watch the videos and see what you can come up with. I’ll give you a full explanation in the New Year.

Merry Christmas everybody.

Alan Postings said...

Like the images Leo...keep pushing them

Leo Tsang said...

Cheers Jack, glad you like. And thanks for the offer of support in maya, hopefully it will be a smooth process...

Ah that could be interesting, changing the colours of the lights could further offset the scene, will definitely try give it a go.

Thanks Alan, look forward to it!

Oh and I thought some snow could help bring the holiday spirit in, not too distracting I hope :)

Sam Hayes said...

I really like this concept Leo, It's very creepy and the perspective works really well.

When I first saw a snowflake on your blog I tried to wipe it off my screen thinking it was some dust, then I felt like a complete tool when more appeared.

Simon Holland 74 said...

Hey there Leo .... cool concepts dude, its been unussually quiet on here from you... hopefully thats a sign of you having a good break... can't wait to see your progress..... I think your blogs snow was a bit of an omen.

Leo Tsang said...

Thanks Simon, yeah I've had a good break, though being ill further setback my blogging than I would have liked. I was going to remove the snow the other day too... guess it makes no sense to take it off now what with the impending blizzard this weekend!

Cheers Sam, ha I guess I fooled someone then! :P

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