Invasion from Mars

'Invasion from Mars' (1953), pure Sci-fi escapism with the threat of sinister otherworldly forces.

With the conversion of David's parents and other authoritative figures, a quiet sense of uncanny is formed with the devoid and emotionless response of these individuals. It is not long before David and the others realises they have been 'taken over' and are not who they once was despite their appearance. However, the plot suffers from the 'its all a dream' cliche that limits the potential of the film.

However, much of this foreboding ambiguity is lost with the depiction of real Martians and bravado of the army, plunging the film in a completely different light. This may have been a first during the release of the film in 1953, but for modern audiences this does not stand lightly as we cannot help but notice some poor costume designs mixed with cheesy and cliche acting.

Overall, the film is an example of pure Sci-fi escapism, with the USA as the beacon of liberty, under threat and attack from otherworldly sinister forces. Of course, the home side wins and freedom is preserved. It can't really be compared to Invasion of the Body Snatchers, where it is clear that less is often more in creating an effective, ambiguous and foreboding tale.


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