Short & Sweet #5

Returned to Short and Sweet once again on a Monday evening, for some more wacky and fantastic short films. A pretty random collection this time but great nonetheless, I've posted some key ones for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to check Farideh's blog to see her thoughts on the films too.

The Child
by Antonie Bardou-Jacquet

This one reminded me a lot like Logorama, where everything is made from logos, but this time with typography in a more literal sense.

CashBack by Sean Ellis

How to spend your time in the workplace, while admiring the beauty of the female form on the highest level. Nudity involved. This is the original short which later inspired the creation of a feature film.

Eel Girl by Paul Campion

Sci-Fi randomness, featuring a dark tale of science and temptation.

Alas, next week will be the last Short & Sweet this year, before returning in February. They also plan to do a tour around the UK at some point, spreading the word and celebrating short films. As the host Julia states, short films are able to communicate new worlds and stories visually in a matter of moments where words cannot compare. Either way, they're entertaining and greatly inspiring.


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