Animatic + Previs - BGH: On Vacation

The Big Game Hunter takes a vacation from his usual routine to relax on the beach with his loving recreation of a colonial sand castle - if only he could work out how to deploy his deck chair...



I'm pretty pleased with the way they turned out, managing to fit all my intended elements from my final storyboard within the one minute timeframe.

Initially, I did not intend to put as much detail in the animatic (i.e. number of frames), though I'm glad I did with the final result. I found it viable to do so as the majority of the elements were resolved in my final storyboard making it an easier process to crossover the materials into the animatic. Where the previs was a little more tricky to tackle with the technical aspect, I'm satisfied with the outcome delivering the core foundations of the story across, seeking to only improve the general animation and aesthetics makeup.



Yolantele said...

You forget you're watching an animatic but start feeling the flow of animation, because of the well employed detaisl such as that cute crab ! :D ANd the decidion to mske it in colour , even thoug Im guessing took some extra time, payed off :) congrats!

Leo Tsang said...

Thanks Jolanta :) It took some time but I enjoyed much of the process. In future though I don't think I'll go into as much detail in the animatic stage as it would more likely be a work in progress, as well as to save time and polish up other areas.

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