Short & Sweet #9

Been a while since I've been down to Short & Sweet as unis been keeping me busy! A pretty random collection of short films today - ones that will often leave you scratching your head afterwards. A cool collection nonetheless.

The Ostrich by Lucas Zanotto

Short, quirky type animation.

This Too Shall Pass by James Frost

Cool domino/Rube Goldberg Machine type animation

What You Need by Cassiano Prado

Funky music video

Apparently, Short & Sweet in association with the BAFTAs, will be showing the collection of BAFTA nominees in Short Films towards the end of the month. So it should be pretty cool to check out when the time comes.


tutorphil said...

It's great that you're still going, Leo - loved the ostrich thing - I just wish that my life allowed me out to socialise - but no! I was at home marking your essay!!! :-)

A worthwhile activity, of course!

Leo Tsang said...

Eek the essay!
I try my best to make it there if I'm not too busy, as its really quite a unique place for inspiration. But of course uni comes first when the going gets tough!

Would be great if we could organise a trip down there sometime with the cg lot, mind you be difficult saving seats for everyone. If anyone is interested in coming along sometime though, then just poke me and we'll talk :)

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