Return to a New Year

Hey guys, hope you all had fun during Christmas and New Years! Just posting to let you know I'm still alive as I've been a bit quiet of late. In truth, after a lovely break, I was pretty much bed-ridden from a nasty bit of flu. Probably the worst I've had for quite some time. Not to worry though, as I'm feeling much better now and back to continue the hard work.

Lots of snow, probably the most we've had in recent years. I hear more is on the way this weekend!


Sam Hayes said...

Sorry to hear about the flu, at least it gave you an excuse not to leave the house in the FREEZING weather. I like the image, although it looks like Doc Brown used your road to launch his Delorean.

Leo Tsang said...

Heh, yeah it is freezing out there, really slippery too. I just snapped a quick photo and got the headlights of a moving car for a funky effect - a happy accident!

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