Short & Sweet

Went along to Short & Sweet again this Monday, watching another fantastic collection of short films. Very entertaining and deeply inspiring - each film has a unique concept which are each executed quite brilliantly. It makes one wonder how one would even begin to approach such a process in designing a short film that will capture the hearts of an audience, something which we may undoubtedly have to do for later projects.

Rather than reading what I have to say, instead watch some short films that stood out for me for your viewing pleasure:

Cherry on the Cake (clip) by Hyebin Lee
Cute, sweet and touching

Pound by Evan Bernard
Hand-shake greetings taken to the next level

The Rules of the Game by Tom Daley
Intriguing 'boy meets girl' tale with a twist - Click 'Play Teaser' after Link!

We were also treated to 'Logorama', a controversial film by French designs H5 that is simply amazing. A world comprised solely by brand company logos make up a very entertaining short. They literally managed to squeeze in almost every company brand logo there is, with many appearing as quirky characters for ensuing hysterics. I was only able to find a rare teaser trailer due to the controversial aspects of the film - so enjoy.

Click image below to start video! \/

Again, an amazing collection of short films. If you're interested in coming along then please let me know! Monday 7.30pm - 9.30pm, best to get there a little bit earlier for seats. The more company the better!

You can find their website here if you missed it the first time.


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