Carnival Banner

Towards the foreground of my scene will reside a sort of overhead entrance banner. As such, I've tried to focus on some finer details with the cables and rope tied in a knot to hold the various banners.

With the UVs laid out, I hoping to add some carnival graphics and designs on the banners, similar to that as the film Something Wicked This Way Comes, which was the main source of reference for this model.

Perhaps I'll even name the carnival after Mr Dark... as a sort homage to the film. As a thought, I wonder if its even acceptable to do this without seeming like I'm portraying the carnival of the film... so perhaps I'll make a new name up.

Any thoughts and feedback (and of the carnival banner naming) is most welcome.


tutorphil said...

hey - a 'quotation' is fine and dandy - a 'post-modern' homage!

Leo Tsang said...

Sweet, I may very well name it after Mr Dark then :)

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