Carnival Scene Progress #1

These past few days, I've been working away trying to complete my scene. Its been pretty tough getting elements in my scene the way I want them, particularly with texturing and lighting which is not only quite time consuming, but absolutely essential in achieving a good desired quality.

I began by applying a basic textures to the scene to review results so far. Some elements are stretched where others feel a little out of place particularly the two tents which conflict in style and aesthetic.

With some basic textures in, I began experimenting lighting my scene. Here two area lights with a glow are used to represent some of the cable lights, and although it achieves the right glow and colour, it starts to bleach out the rest of the scene.

Here I used a lambert glow on the cable light instead which does not bleach the scene out, yet feels a little lacking compared to the previous area lights as before. Perhaps combining the two with only one or two coloured area lights may be the best result between the two.

At this stage, I'm not entirely satisfied with the look and feel of the scene, with some more work in lighting and textures needed.


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