Unit 4 - Story Telling

Our next project will be our first moving animation piece focusing on the elements of storytelling and the early stages of production from an Animatic to a CG Pre-Vis. With 3 story components given to us at random, we are to pre-produce an original one minute animation.

The objects I received (in curious envelopes) were:

  • Big Game Hunter
  • Castle
  • Deck Chair

This should certainly be interesting, and I'm looking forward to the challenge that awaits!

CG Pre-Vis example

Animatic Example

Note: The Timetable is up on myUCA so be sure to download it!


tutorphil said...

Hey Leo - thanks for uploading these for the 'co-operative' !

Leo Tsang said...

No problem, thought they may come in handy in case peeps missed it on the brief :)

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