Quick Précis

For my scene, I am aiming to capture the scene of a carnival with a distinct uncanny, eerie quality in contrast to the usual welcoming lights of a typical carnival funfare. Through my range of concepts, I believe the most effective composition to be by adjusting the horizon line to offset the scene in a more dynamic intriguing composition, rather than a static one. Where the use of lighting and colour is integral to further push the scene in an unhomely direction, while the repeated use of bridging cable lights helps to provides a sence of depth and scale to the the scene. Placing objects in the extreme foreground further provides an intriguing effect to the shapes and compositon within the scene.

A range of definite objects has also been established from reference imagery and concepts; from a ferris wheel, tower slide, big round top tents to columns with bridging cables to carry the lights across the scene. The next step is to begin modelling these objects with a firm direction of the composition of the scene in mind.

I hope this provides a quick idea of the aim and direction of my work thus far.


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